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Samsung Reveals Galaxy Fold Durability Test

Samsung will release its much-awaited foldable- Samsung Galaxy Fold on 26 April this year in the United States. But before its official release, a video has surfaced from Samsung that showcases the foldable device’s durability.

In the durability test video, the company’s stress testing equipment are stress testing the device by opening and shutting it repeatedly. As such, the durability of the Infinity flex Display and the phone’s bending capabilities are adequately highlighted.

Samsung has stated that this upcoming device is capable of surviviving 200,000 folds and unfolds, which means a five-year life if a user operates the device 100 times in a day.

The specifications of the foldable device include customizable user-interface that allows up to 3 apps to run at the same time; Samsung’s biggest display on the 7.3 inches smartphone. Further, it adorns as many as six cameras for wide angle shooting.

The form factor has been designed in such a way that the hinges are hidden when the de…
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5 Tips to Keep Your Mac Safe While Traveling

Leaving your laptop at home while traveling may be tempting, and you’d want to work with your tablet or phone, but sometimes you can’t get around it. So, when you take your MacBook along with you on a trip, you’d like to follow these tips for security and ease.

You may want to take your MacBook on your trip for blogging or photo editing or for covering your adventurous excursion on your website. Whatever may be the reason, you’d not want any lack of safety on the Mac from your side to ruin your traveling experience.

1. Enabling ‘Find My Mac’

In the case that your Mac is stolen or you lose it, enabling the ‘Find My Mac’ option will help users to retrieve the device.

To enable this built-in feature, follow the steps below:

Go to System Preferences, and select iCloud.
Log in with Apple ID.
Here,  ‘Find My Mac’ option is listed.
Under this option, users can perform a remote wipe, make it sound an alarm, or track its last location.
2. Backup with Time Machine

Before leaving home, it is a …

How to Disable the Touchscreen Feature in your Windows Laptop?

The touchscreen is one of the best features available in a device. Along with making your work simple, it also lets you use your device anywhere. With the touchscreen feature, you can even use your device in situations where you aren’t able to open or use the keyboard comfortably. You can navigate and access all the menus and folders in your device with just your fingertips.

Along with a touchscreen device, your operating system should also have the touchscreen compatibility, in order to manage the touchscreen settings. Microsoft Windows is designed to work well with touchscreen tablets, laptops, and 2-in-1 devices. Either your device has touchscreen compatibility or not, in Microsoft Windows, the touchscreen feature is enabled by default.

However, no one will want to disable the touchscreen feature on their device if it is working well. But, unfortunately, there will be many situations when you need to disable it.

Here is how to disable the touchscreen feature in your Windows laptop

How to Create a Hard Drive Image Backup?

In case have the backup of the Windows PC and Mac data, operating system and settings, then the hard disk image is helpful to restore the system which gets crashed or totally cleaned out. If you are using Windows PC or Mac, then you can easily image the external hard disk, but you will need to have sufficient space in the external hard. Follow the instructions given below to create a hard drive image backup.

Steps to Create a Hard Drive Image Backup on Windows

•    Connect an external hard disk. You should connect external disk through the Universal Serial Bus cable of the system Universal Serial Bus plugs. You should have an external disk which can store all the data.

•    Go to the “Start” menu. Press on the “Windows” symbol located in the end left-hand side of the display.

•    Enter the file history in the Start window. It will find the system for the option “Restore your files with File History.”

•    Tap on the “Restore your files with File History” option. You will get this on…

6 Best Android Smartphones with Expandable Storage

Expandable storage is necessary for those who shoot a lot through devices or like to have all the seasons of different TV shows on the phone. If you face storage issues on your current Android device and need an ideal phone with expandable storage, the best options are given here for you. One of the best options is Galaxy S10+, let’s check out it in detail. However, you can try other budget options as well.

1. Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung Galaxy S10+ is undoubtedly a great phone if storage is the primary concern for you. Its 6.4 -inch screen makes it ideal for watching videos and accessing all the apps. When it comes to the processor, it has an outstanding Snapdragon 855 chipset. You can easily use this phone for a day as the battery is of 4100mAh. The recent Android Pie version and IP68 water resistant add more value to it.

2. LG G8 ThinQ

LG has offered outstanding products in the market from time to time. Its LG G8 ThinQ comes as another masterpiece. It is an excellent smartphone fo…

How to Install Windows and Ubuntu on the Same Computer?

Do you want to use both operating systems, Windows and Ubuntu on your computer? Setting up the dual boot is the best way to achieve your goal of using two operating systems on a device.  In this article, we are about to learn how to create a dual boot on your computer for Windows and Ubuntu.

Follow these steps to install Windows and Ubuntu

•    Firstly, you have to start your Windows 10  PC.

•    After that, you have to download Ubuntu.

•    You should download Ubuntu as “iso” file.

•    Then you should hit “Window start + R” keys.

•    When the prompt comes, enter “Diskmgmt.msc” and hit “Enter.”

•    Thereafter you have to right-click on Windows drive and click on “Shrink Volume.”

•    Make sure your drive has some space.

•    Now, enter the amount of volume which you wish to shrink. You need to have a minimum of 50 GB for Ubuntu.

•    After that, you have to wait to finish the process and close the screen.

•    Then you should connect the USB Drive.

•    Thereafter you have to the …

How To Find And Add Friends To Your Spotify Account?

You might have noticed that whenever you follow anyone on Spotify, you can use the desktop application’s Friend work screen for viewing what they are listening to and listen to the same. You can even view artists that they follow and see their public playlists. Luckily, there are different methods of searching for friends on Spotify. To know that you need to go through the given below points carefully and follow the same properly.

The method of enabling Friend Activity Pane
Firstly, choose the menu arrow. It will be present on the right-hand side of the account.
Then, choose Settings.
After that, go to the Display Options part.
Lastly, choose Show Friend Activity for enabling it.
The method of searching friends on Spotify by using Facebook
Firstly, choose the menu arrow. It will be present on the right-hand side of the account name.
Then, choose Settings.
After that, go to the Facebook part.
Next, choose Connect to Facebook.
Then, write the Facebook email and password.
Next, note tha…